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All investments, without exception, charge fees in one form or another.  But what seems like a small fee can add up to something much greater over a long period of time.  Here's an example: 


The Wilsons invested $100,000 in                                           The Smiths invested in a different account

an account with a 2% annual fee,                                           with a 1% annual fee, and after 20 years

and after 20 years it has returned an                                      this account also returns 7% annually. But

average of 7% annually. Not bad,                                            this account has grown to over $320,000.  

right? This account has grown to                                            That's over a $45,000 difference, and all   

over $265,000.                                                                         due to a seemingly insignificant extra 1%.


This example clearly shows how fees reduce returns and leave you with less money in your pocket.  There is simply no research showing that higher fees can lead to higher investment performance.  Wouldn't it make more sense to work with very old, highly respected investment firms that charge low fees and have long track records of market outperformance? 
These graphs are used to illustrate the impact of fees only and do not guarantee or imply that an account will perform in this manner.  Financial markets are volatile and an investor may lose money.  You should carefully consider an investment's objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing.  A prospectus should be obtained and read carefully before you invest or send money.