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Professional Retirement Planning

Americans are more worried about their financial future than any other time since the turbulent '70's.  Where will you really be at retirement age?

-Will you have enough to retire?
-Will you be able to maintain your lifestyle?
-Does your plan offer protection against financial downturns?
-Are your savings invested prudently to meet your retirement goals?
-Are you using all the available tools to possibly maximize your retirement?
-Does your plan allow for possibly 30 years or more in retirement?
-Did you know Social Security was never meant to provide the majority of your retirement income, and may meet 25% or less of your retirement goals?
-Did you know tax laws change almost annually, affecting your retirement plans, options, and savings?
-Modern corporations no longer provide "cradle to grave" pension benefits or job security - they're broke!  Can you truthfully say your financial future will be secure, even 20 or 30 years into retirement?
-The average American changes jobs seven times in their lifetime, and millions are self employed.  Procrastination only decreases your chances of meeting financial goals.

Your retirement demands a thoughtful, carefully planned approach - one that specialists like the team at Lester Retirement Planning can provide.